Upgrading your plan

Learn how to upgrade your API plan via the Vybe API dashboard.

Upgrade from the free plan

Go to Alpha Vybe and Sign in to your Alpha Vybe account (wallet or SSO). Navigate to your API dashboard page via the "Subscriptions" from the top right menu or the "Get started" button on the API plans page.

Click on the "Upgrade"button.

This will open a plan selection page to view our current offerings. Click on the "Subscribe"button to continue. We currently only support credit card payments via Stripe.

When upgrading from the free plan, you will be prompted to create a Stripe profile and provide a valid credit card. Once your payment has been processed, your dashboard should update with your new plan selection:

Upgrade/downgrade from a paid plan

To upgrade or downgrade your plan from a paid plan, click the "Manage Account" button to open your Stripe customer portal.

To upgrade your plan from your Stripe customer portal, click on the "Update Plan"button. This will open a plan selection menu where you can select your new plan and process your payment. Once updated, the new plan will start in the next billing cycle.

To cancel your paid plan from your Stripe customer portal, click on the "Cancel Plan" button, this will bring you to the Cancel plan page. Confirm your cancellation to end your plan at the end of your current billing cycle.