Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Simply sign in with your wallet or socials to access the API dashboard. From there you can create an API key and access our Free API immediately. View our quick guide on how to get your API Key here.

Is there any limits on calls?

1 credit = 1 call. Each of our plans has varying limits on the number of calls available per billing cycle to fit different business use cases. Overage costs will be introduced in the future to allow for more flexibility.

How are payments handled?

We currently support credit card payments via Stripe. Crypto payment integrations are coming soon.

What kind of historical data is available?

You can access historical data for token transfers, account balances, token prices, and other metrics like DAU, TVL, and program volume, with much more on the way!

What programs (dApps) are supported?

Metrics for additional protocols will be continuously added as we expand our end points. Currently, you can get basic program metrics for all the programs found in our catalog. Trade metrics are currently based on Drift, Phoenix, Raydium, Orca and Jupiter.

I have some additional questions, where can I contact for support?

Reach out to us via Discord, Twitter, or our email.