Get your free API Key

Follow this guide to quickly get set up with a free Vybe API key.

Sign in

Go to Alpha Vybe and Sign in with either your Solana wallet or Social Sign In (Google, X, and Github are supported). If you sign in with your Solana wallet, you must authenticate your ownership with a transaction first.

Go to your API dashboard

Once signed in, open your user menu from the top right of the nav bar. Select "Subscriptions" to navigate to your Vybe API dashboard. From this page, you can manage your API subscriptions and generate your free API key. All users have access to the free plan, where you can test all our available endpoints with limited RPM and credits.

Generate Key

Click on the "Generate Key" , and a modal will appear with your newly created key. Make sure you copy and paste your key somewhere safe first before continuing. Once closed, you cannot copy your API key again.

Using your API key

To use your API Key, please include it in the request Header as “X-API-Key”. Failure to include a valid API Key in your request will result in a 403 Forbidden Error.

What’s Next

Learn more about our plans, go to your API dashboard, or see the documentation for our endpoints.